Data Organizer

Kolkata, India

Inviting candidates to participate in the online Data entry and organization platform for Educational Institues. 


Collect data about Educational Institutes from websites

Organize/curate the data so that it becomes easily/conveniently accessible

Verify the correctness of the data

Institutes in West Bengal only


Need to complete data entry of at least 25 Institutes every week.

Incorrect/incomplete entries must be avoided and may negatively impact your monthly compensation.

Contractual position

Must Have

Must be proficient in English, internet search/navigation, data entry.

Candidates from Kolkata and surrounding areas are preferred.

If you are already working somewhere full time, need not apply.

What's great in the job?

  • For satisfatory and relevant data entry of every 100 colleges, protigi will compensate you with Rs 8000/-
  • Work from Home.
  • Spend at least 6-8 hours a day to accomplish this work.
  • If you have a computer and a stable internet you are all set
  • Moderators will help you if you get stuck


Is there any Basic Salary for the curators?

This a contractual position and there is no basic salary. You will be compensated solely based on how many colleges you can organize.

Is it a full time job with salary?

As we have mentioned in the description this is not full time job with fixed salary structure. Your compensation is based on your contribution. On an average you will be paid Rs 2000 for every 25 colleges you organize in classmate platform.

What is the duration of the job?

Job duration is about 2 months during with time we expect you organize data of about 200 colleges.

What is the stipend amount of the job?

There is no fixed stipend. Rather you will be compensated based on how many colleges you can organize properly.

Initially we will organize about 800 colleges in West Bengal. once that is complete we'll add other colleges from the eastern region of India.

What kind of data is organized?

 Usually we organize data that may be useful for a prospective student to make an admission decision. Like courses offered, Course fees, Facilities, Faculty strength, Location, etc. You will get a feel of what kind of data is organized if you go through any college in the Home page which is already organized. For example, in the Home page search for "Scottish Church College" and look into various sections of it.